Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sleeping brain & awake brain

Ok. So when Emerson is asleep her whole body relaxes her fingers and thumb open and she looks just like my Emmy. Why can't that be when she's awake? My next question since I am up so late I tend to go in Emerson's room and just watch her and Joseph sleep. Emmy was begining to wake a tad and stretched. Her arm went above her head and her other hand rubbed her face. And then she rolled on her side. Pretty normal right. Why can't she do that when she's awake? She always stretches when she just wakes up too. I mean when she's awake she trys so hard to do so much and then her tone kicks in or a damn seizure and thats it she starts all over and it's a vicious cycle.

So anyway no real reason for this post just up very late watching my baby sleep and wondering why the brain is the way it is. And I wish there was a special switch to turn off seizures and turn her brain back the way it was. :) Wishful thinking, I know. Anyhow if you have the answers to these questions please feel free to comment I would love to know why her brain allows her to do as she wishes while asleep or half asleep but not awake.  

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  1. I wish I had an answer for you as I have watched the same in my son Adam for 12 years. When asleep, his contorted body stretches, hands and legs move, he arches his butt off the bed and make a lot of sounds...could never figure out why. My guess is that unconscious asleep brain allows certain pathways and reflexes to work and the more injured parts of the awake, conscious brain inhibit intentional movement. Adam's damage was to the basal ganglia which translate intention to movement. Maybe sleep allows the normal damaged circuit to be bypassed. I really only can guess...warmest wishes for the holidays