Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So I woke up this morning from the most amazing dream. Here it is before I forget

My mom's friend Mrs. Denise has a sister named Vicky and in my dream Mrs. Vicky was working at a shop in Baton Rouge and my mom, me, and Emmy went to visit her and her daughter. Her daughter had just had a baby boy. While we were there we were looking for dresses for Emmy and a bathing suit for Disney World. But then in my dream Emmy was just all better and I remember being on the floor holding her with her legs wrapped around me with her head in my chest and I was rubbing her back, hugging her, playing with her hair, smiling from ear to ear, and smoothering her with tons of kisses. I remember making a comment about how straight and perfect her spine was and rubbing my finger down her spine. I also remember asking Emmy a question and she responded with uh-huh. And I yelled for my mom to listen and I asked Emmy again but she didn't answer with the same response, so I asked her again and she responded with uh-huh.

Then I woke up. So that's all there was to the dream. Anyone wanna tell me what that's suppose to mean? lol. Hope you all enjoyed my dream this is one of the first dreams I was able to remember waking up, does anyone else have trouble not remembering their dream?

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