Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas is coming ready or not.

Well I have been pretty down the last couple of weeks. I am just missing the heck out of my baby girl. Yes I know she is still here and we are very blessed and I am so unbelieveably thankful that she is, but I miss her. I miss her smile, her laugh, her saying mommy, her run, her dancing, her playing with her brother. I just miss HER. With Christmas and her 2nd birthday fastly approaching it's making it hard for me to be merry and bright. But I sure am trying because I do have another child that deserves to have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here are three short videos I found of my baby girl, they aren't much as I didn't have a real video camera but here you go.
Above is a video smiply of my dad eating, Joseph cracking up laughing, and Emerson running and saying mommy! <3 Melts my heart!
This above video is Emerson dancing on her bubby's rocking chair. Her daddy is also fussing at her to sit down and what does my precious baby do..... well you saw it, she puts her chin to her shoulder and then begins waving and smiling at us. Again melts my heart!
And the last and final above video is simply of Emerson answering and jibber jabbering while "on" the phone. :)

So now that I have discussed me being sad, let me tell you how Ms. Emerson has been doing. Actually she has been doing WONDERFUL! She is beginging to hold herself up with her arms while holding her head, it's not for long but it's a start.
Emerson is also doing really well with drinking liquids and will soon be getting another swallow study so that we can safely begin giving her liquids at home. Also too Emerson is begining to eat size 3 baby food, the ones with the chunks of food in it, because she's showing some signs of chewing. Right now it's just being done with speech therapy but it's a step in the right direction and we couldn't be happier. Also too Emerson is being put more and more in her stander and doing well with it. She pushes with her feet but that's really all she does in the stander because from not putting weight on her legs for almost 6 months now she has no strength in her legs, so that's what were working on and she is doing well.

Emmy Lou holding her head up while being supported with her arms.

Emmy in her "stander".

Emmy in her "walker".
Okay so Early Steps has started and so far I LOVE all of the therapists. Her PT is Hiliary which is also her PT at Childrens she is pictured with Emmy in her stander and walker but the stander you can see her better. :) The last person we have to meet is her Speech therapist which will come this Thursday. None of the therapist have done too much with Emmy as they are still trying to get to know her and she what she can do. However Hiliary is working her, and I can't thank her enough for that! We love her for it.

Also too today December 7th Emerson was in PT and we all noticed that her cheeks were really red, so we got a thermometer and took her temperture, she had 103.6 and with a urinalysis, chest x-ray, bloodwork, and mucus swab Emerson only has an ear infection. Thank you God! Yes I know ear infections hurt and I am sad that my poor baby has to endure yet another ear infection but am just so thankful that that's all it was and we didn't have to get admitted for RSV or pneumonia.

Last but definitly NOT least, infact to me it is the best I have finally gotten on video my precious baby girl smiling. And please please excuse my annoying voice, but she loves it so I have to do the voice, lol. Enjoy! I do all the time.

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