Monday, December 13, 2010

Hippo Therapy

Hippo Therapy..... no it's nothing to do with hippo's like big brother Joseph thought. It is a therapy involving horseback riding. Since the riding gently and rhythmically moves the rider's body in a similar human movement and riders with physical disabilities often improve in flexibility, balance, and muscle strength. So I have been researching this therapy since before we returned home from the hospital and we have been on a waiting list since October and finally had an opening so we began therapy on Saturday.

Emmy and Patches

Emmy got to wear the smallest helmet i've ever seen. The instructor said that she wanted to start off slow and learn Emerson. First off Emmy's horse's name that she rode was patches. Patches was the best horse I could have ever asked for my Emmy to be on. So anyway, First they put Emmy on the horse and Patches just stayed there while Emmy sat on top of her. Emmy was doing really well with her head control even with that big helmet on. Then they decided to take Emmy for a lap around the track. And she did so well. They said that when she got her head up she would look around as though to say "this is a new place, where am I?" So that was good to see. Also too I noticed that Emmy did great, the only thing is that she hated when the wind blew, and I don't blame her one bit.  

She said that Emerson is the youngest rider that they have ever had, which I knew before begining because they usually only start taking kids at 4 years old, but stubborn mom didn't want to wait till she was 4. However I did discuss this with her neurologist who said that it was just fine for her to begin this therapy that she just needed assistance and a helmet. Below is a video of her begining her walk with Patches around the track.

On Sunday I finally decided to take Christmas pictures of both my kids so we headed to Sears. It went really well except for the fact that it was Emmy's nap time and she was taking it weather we liked it or not, lol. But of course I had a moment. I had a moment I guess because it was slapped in my face that Emmy is not the typical 2 year old. Yes I knew that already but it just slapped me in the face while taking the pictures. But I bounced right back in a we got a few good shots of both my babys and some of just them and even some with their new baby cousin Luke.

Her play mat

Emmy is also doing a few new things She's taking her hand and she kind of shakes it and she's bringing it down by her side a lot more. She's also "helping" her PT get herself up off the floor when lieing down. Not a big help but it's help. Also too she's begining to roll over not all the way to her belly yet, but she's rolling to her side. She's using her tone and her feet to get her there but the therapist said that was normal that that was how she was going to begin rolling over, so we can't be any happier with that news. Also too Emmy is focusing a lot more. Especially when we talk to her she just stares at us. Her eyes use to sorda roam almost looking for something to focus on but now she's begining to focus on things. Especally the Christmas tree, she loves the lights. Also too we got Emmy a play mat that has lights, music, and rattles hanging from it and about two weeks ago when we first got it she would pass her hand through it a touch the rattle but that was about it, well lately she will push her hand through the rattle and come back and do it a few times in a row almost to shake the rattle. Which is a big thing because maybe she is trying to grab for things and hold and shake them, so we shall see. Ohh one more then Emmy got some new shoes Saturday, black patton leather to wear with her Christmas dress :). These we got not to wear with her braces so her offical shoe size is a 5 1/2 but when she wears her braces she has to wear a 7 1/2 size shoe.

Well that's pretty much what she's doing right now, hopefully soon I'll be able to blog some more good news. :)

She got new black patton leather shoes... ;)

Merry Early Christmas <3 Emerson Louise!

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