Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November already!

Sorry I am very late in posting this, but I promise I already had this typed and ready to go ages ago. :) Enjoy.

Well this week Emerson has had a very good week. She went to therapy on Tuesday and did so well. They put her on her belly and she was lifting her head and pushing with her hands while on her belly! She has also been doing really well in OT. In OT she is put in a sitting position and pulls herself half way up to a full sitting position. I am so proud of my Emmy Lou!

This week has been a little tough for mommy though. I have been thinking a lot about Christmas and this makes me sad. Why? Well because this year my baby girl will be 2 and the big question I keep getting from family and friends is "what does Emerson want for Christmas this year?" Well I don't know bc if the accident never happened she'd be getting dress up clothes, baby dolls, baby stroller, and all the baby accessories. Play food for her new kitchen she got just one week before the accident. And all sorts of things 2 year old little girls play with. Well now she doesn't really play much, so what DO I get her. This is just so unbelieveable tough for me. But like everything else I will get through it. I just need to continue to pray to God for strength.

Today at therapy Emerson did well too! They stood her up and she pushed a little with her feet and was holding her head up pretty well. Her hands are also open more and she's moving both hands a lot more. She's also moving her feet a lot too. Also too Emerson is up to a half of jar of baby food a day now! YEAH EMMY! Yesterday while she was lieing in bed she was moving her right leg in the motion of riding a bike and picking up her left hand while doing it. (Below is a video) My baby girl continues to improve and I can not tell you how impressed, blessed, and thankful I am!

Looks as though Emerson will begin Early Steps next Monday, which we are super excited about. Early Steps, for those of you who do not know, is therapy provided by the government that comes to your house to provide therapy until the age of 3. So since we have been home we have been driving back and forth to Children's at least twice a week for therapy and then some if she has doctors appointments and what not, so about a month of that and I am already worn out with driving. lol. It takes a lot to get Emmy ready and a lot to get her in and out of the vechile. So having Early Steps I won't have to go to Children's as much, this will be nice especially since it should be getting really cold soon.

So all in all Emerson is improving everyday little by little. And again I say I am so unbelievably blessed and thankful for Emerson and the love, prayers, and support we have. Thank you to everyone! Until next week! :) I hope, if I remember. lol.

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