Tuesday, November 9, 2010

There's no place like home.

So it's been a while since I have posted but Emerson came home on Friday October 1, 2010. We were so excited to have her home. Emerson seems to be so much more content being at home and I must say it's nice having my entire family home all together.

Saturday Emerson got to see her bubby play football! She did really well being outside for a while, I think she really enjoyed the breeze. For the first week Emerson and I were just trying to figure out a routine and getting the last little things situated with all the outpatient programs we have going on. The following Monday that we were home October 11 Emerson gave us a scare and ended up going back into the hospital. 

So this is what happened. Emerson has a g-tube which allows her to get food through her belly instead of by mouth. While they did that procudure they decided to also give her what's called a fundunession (sp?) which is where they tighten her esophagus around her stomach to prevent her from vomitting which will in turn prevent her from asperating anything into her lungs. Well about two weeks before we left the hospital Emerson began gaging and then vomitting, this was alarming to us and the doctors since she had the procudure and shouldn't be able to be getting anything up. Well they had a upper GI done to see if the nissen was slipped or moved or whatever well the results came back and everything seemed to be ok. So they decided to just send us home to pretty much deal with the situation. Well from the day we got home Emerson was vomitting everyday if not two times a day but on Monday when she vomitted her lips turned purple. So I became alarmed and called my physician on call and he told us to bring her to the ER immediately and have her re-checked again bc she shouldn't be able to vomitt and plus her lips were purple. While in the ER she vomitted again so the ER physician was able to see, I wasn't crazy. lol. So she decided to admit Emerson and have some more test run. The next day Emerson had a GI study done and the results came back just as the upper GI. No slip nissen; nothing, everything looked great. So they decided to put her on Nexium which is an acid reflux medication and also do an acid reflux test over night. Here is Emmy while the test was going on.

No offical results had come back when Thursday the Dr. came in and said since she has been being treated with acid reflux medication and hasn't been vomitting were going to go ahead and send her home and assume that the vomitting was from reflux. The resluts have since come back and it is indeed acid reflux. So thank goodness that's all it is.

So we were released on October 14th and since we have been home for the second time Emerson has been outside swinging with her bubby.

Met her new cousin Luke and visited with all her other cousins- Bella, Addy, & David

Had some play time with mommy too!
Oh! And we finally got a glimpse of her smile!!! :)

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