Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our last week!

So I was going through trying to update Emmy's blog and this was our last week at Children's, yes long overdue, sorry! :) But please enjoy.

Well it's been about one week since I last posted but Emerson is getting ready to go home. I have been so busy since last Friday. I went home started polishing all her furniture, cleaning sheets, vaccuming, lysoling EVERYTHING, organizing and all. Getting together her medicines for home, getting all her machines together and learning how to use them, and so much more. So I have been busy.

Emerson has continued to do so well in her thearpies this week no real big improvements. She is still working on her head control and swallowing well and has good range of motion in all extremeties. Emerson had her first car ride in three months and her second outting to her Uncle Richard and Aunt Fara's house. She also got to meet her cousin Luke for the first time! :) We also watched the Saints game and she was too adorable in her pink Saints jersey. Here are some pictures of what she was doing the last two weeks in thearpy and some pictures to go with what she was doing in the last post. 

Mrs. Lori and Emmy in her walker

Emmy at OT in her bean bag swing

Playing in the ball pit :)

In the ball pit with Mrs. Leslie!

Emerson's first car ride in three months!

Emerson's first outting to her Uncle's House

These are the three women that have brought Emerson so far and I can not thank them enough! This is Verlencia Emerson's speech therapist! She has helped Emerson start eating baby food by mouth, keep her speaking valve on all day, start making G and C noises, and begining to drink juice again. We love Mrs. Verlencia and honestly can not thank her enough! :) 
Next is Mrs. Leslie Emerson's Occupational thearapist. She has done so much for Emerson as well. She has gotten her hands to not be so tight anymore, has gotten her to begin playing with toys particually one toy, the ball! lol. We love Mrs. Leslie too!
Mrs. Lori & Emmy Lou
And last but most def. NOT least Mrs. Lori Emerson's physical therapist. She has been the MOST amazing. She has gotten Emerson's feet back to where they should be, she has gotten her to hold her head up, begin walking in her stander, and so much more. But honestly we have been blessed with the most amazing theripists! I couldn't have dreamed of anyone better to help my Emmy.
Here are some pictures of some more very important and special people we have met during our three month stay at Children's.

We love everyone at Children's and are sad to leave but will be so excited to be home too!

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