Friday, December 10, 2010

On a Mission!

Yes.... I am on a mission! So like I said I have been finding support through other moms who are going through what I am going through, and I am inspired.

I have been so down that I have let everything slip. I am a very organized, loving, thoughtful, and compasionate person. But no one would have known with the way I have been these last few weeks. I have let my sons school work slip though the cracks. My home is a total wreck. Papers scattered everywhere, clothes on the floor, and NOTHING in it's place. That IS NOT me! I am acting as though Emerson didn't survive this tragic accident and I need to snap out of it and I need to do it NOW before it's too late. And that's just what I am going to do! Because Emerson is a survivor and I need to celebrate her life even more now then before! So birthday and Christmas here I come with full force! I am actually getting excited for Christmas and her birthday for the first time.

I can not thank enough one particular mom who has helped me snap out of it more then she'll EVER know. Just reading her blog changed me and then us writing back and forth changed me even more. Thank you Thank you Thank you and my children Thank you!

So like I said I am on a Mission! First Emerson has been seeing a vision therapist and she showed us all sorts of things to stimulate her vision. I have been thinking about it since the first time she came and even more the second time she came. I never did anything with it just thought about it. Well today I did something about it and got dressed decently for once and headed to Dollar Tree. I bought all sorts of goodies for her. The man at the register must of thought "wow if this is random stuff I don't know what is." lol. I bought a flashlight with three LED lights, red beans, kitchen sink sponges in red, yellow, and blue, a Christmas silver bell, shiny rocks, and a butterfly that blinks all kinds of lights and has music! Random or what. lol. But irroniclly all these things will help stimulate Emerson's vision to come back full force! Yeah for mommy! Now it's time for mommy to implement it in Emmy's everyday activities.

Mommy also found, thanks to my new friend, a website full of toys for special needs children! Boy for the first time I was excited to shop for toys for my baby girl! I found so many neat things to FINALLY tell people what to get Emmy for Chirstmas and her birthday! Also I found some clinically proven non-traditional therapies for Emerson to start. And being that they are non-traditional that means her insurance won't cover it. Oh well where theres a will theres a way. And from this day forward WHATEVER it takes to bring my baby to a full recovery I vow that it will get done!

So now on to finding more about these therapies, how much they cost, talk to family and friends, and start setting up a place for donations and fundraisers to make this all possible for my baby girl. She deserves the change to make a full recovery and I intend that she gets that chance!

So here's to the new me, new life, and new way of thinking. I am coming world ready or not! :)

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