Friday, August 13, 2010

Tuesday August 10, 2010

Now that I have started a blog and am pretty much up to date on everything I am going to be posting Emerson's progress at least every week if not everyday.

So yesterday Emerson got a different trach. She got a trach without a cuff, longer one, and a flexable one. So far so good with it! Emerson also has added to her list of boo boo's an ulcer on her left bottom lip. :( Yesterday Dr. Tilton (our favorite neurologist) changed up her medicines a little. When we started on the regular floor Emerson was on valium .6mg every 4 hours; robinul .25mg every 8 hours; propanolol 2.5mg every 8 hours; zantac 20mg every 8 hours; a clonidine patch replaced once weekly; and chloral 200mg every 8 hours as needed. NOW Emerson is on Valium 1.2mg every 6 hours; propanolol 5mg every 8 hours; Zantac 20mg every 8 hors (stayed the same); a clonidine patch replaced every 5 days; Baclafin 5mg 4x's a day. So Emerson is no longer on robinul which was used to thicken her secreations because she now has pretty much full control of her secreations. And she is also no longer on chloral which was just used to put her to sleep because now she is able to calm herself and put herself to sleep.

In Physical thearpy today Lori noticed that she was calmer and still trying to hold her head up just for the 13 seconds still though. In Occupational thearpy they noticed that she is producing more tears and her left arm muscle was not as tight and her veins aren't as pronounced.  Speech today went well too, Mrs. Verlencia (yes it's ver not va, lol) noticed that Emerson is blinking more when something is in front of her face, she's swallowing more, controlling her secreations, and is realizing somethings in front of her face but isn't quite tracking it. I am in love with the fact that my Emmy is making progress like we all say "Baby steps are better then no steps at all!"

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  1. I just want to jump up and down everytime I read about all of Emmy's progressions!!!! I love it!!