Monday, August 23, 2010

Faith isn't beliving that God can, it's believing that God will!

Britten and I have so much faith in God that he WILL and is slowly healing our precious baby girl Emerson. I know that some doctors are already saying what we see in her is all we are going to get, but what they don't understand is that our faith in God and HIS final word is what we are going to get and ALL things are possible with God, and we are patiently, waiting all in God's time.

Emerson had a really good day today. In physical thearpy she held her head up for 30 seconds (without shaking, lol). Emerson is also almost able to sit like a big girl with her back all the way back and BOTH her knees bent and her hips. She truly is making steps everyday. In speech today she kept her speaking valve on the first time for one min. and then popped it right off. The second attempt she left it on for 6 min. but at the 1 min mark began screaming, it was so wonderful to hear her scream :) Emerson is also definitly scheduled to have a swallow study done sometime next week because she has learned to sit up like a big girl and is continually controling her secreations, ice, and liquid chocolate! YAy Emmy Lou! :) In occupational thearpy today she also held her head up for 30+ seconds again without the shaking! Yay Lou Lou Bean!!!! :) Emerson is also continuing to get more and more range in her arms and her little fingers. It's so wonderful to see her progress. Now we are just hoping, wondering, believing, waiting, needing, and trusting that God is in control and he is!

I came across this and if you remember in a previous post I mentioned that I have always had a peace that everything will be okay, well I couldn't have come across this at a better time: When you feel the calmness of your soul and the peace in the midst of chaos of the waves, that's God's answer telling you everything is going to be okay. :))))


  1. I am in awe at how strong your strenth is your an amazing young lady
    And keeping your faith so strong in god
    At a time like this isn't easy and yet your
    Putting god in charge I don't know you much except thrugh Micah but have loved you from day one I am
    Always always gonna push

  2. Barbara, you and Britten are such WONDERFUL parents. Your faith in God is so refreshing and I know he will bring Emerson back to her full potential. Continuing to push for Emerson.