Sunday, August 29, 2010

Daddy's letter to his Emmy!

A letter to my Emmy,

I never thought that I would have been blessed with an angel for a daughter. Everday that goes by I wonder why God is making mommy and I go through this, but I realize that God feels mommy and I are strong enough to handle this. My wishes for you are simple, I want you to tell me that you are never going to talk to me because I kicked your boyfriend out the house. As much as I am going to hate to see you go to prom I am going to love every minute of it too. I want you to run up to daddy because mommy made you mad. I want you to experience love, pain, and saddness. Things that just are apart of life. I want bug bubby to put the fear of God in some boys eyes and the day you get married will be the biggest day of your life and mine just to see you smile at someone the same way I smile at your mom when you get married and as I still do today. Every moment I have with you I cherish so much. Emerson you are my world, my heart, my everything! This whole situation that your going through right now just means that you will make the world a better place because of how strong and reslient you are. My whole life has been hard but somehow I push through it. Never thought that you would have to go through something like this, but as strong your being I know deep down inside me you will be fine. Everyday I look at you in that bed and wonder what I did wrong, then I look somemore and just smile because your my angel. You deserve to have a life full of laugh, happiness, and fun. that's what we will provide for you. Im the luckest man alive just to know you and spend all that precious time with you. Things in life are hard but seeing what you are going through just means that anything is possible with God by your side. Emerson I wrote you this letter because I am so happy to be your father. I want you to know that a lot of family and friends are PUSHing for you. You mean the world to me and you make me a stronger man and for that I will forever think of you as my daughter, my hero and my angel. I love you Emerson! God's on your side and we are here and everbody loves you!

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