Sunday, August 29, 2010

My baby's smile is coming back! :)

Emerson has had a good week so far. Sorry I haven't been updating more frequently, it's been kind of busy around here since we are slowly preparing for the home coming of Emerson! :) As of now Emerson is due to come home on September 10 BUT if she continues to improve in her thearpies she'll stay longer.

This week in speech Emerson got introduced to more baby food, she had applesause. She also got some apple juice and orange juice. She loved both the applesause and apple juice and swallowed it pretty well. The orange juice on the other hand so didn't care for too much but she swallowed it very well which is good! So since she is doing so well with that she is going to have a swallow study done next week. It's to make sure she is not asperating (sp?) anything into her lungs and it's making a clean straight way to her tummy! :)

In physical thearpy this week Emerson went from holding her head up for 30 seconds to 10 WHOLE MINUTES!!!! :) GOOOOO EMMY! woohoo! She also held it up right after a short break for 6 minutes and then again for 2 minutes and then again for 3 minutes! I am so proud of my baby, she truly is a strong little girl and is my hero! Emerson will be put in a stander this coming week to get her body used to putting all the weight back on her feet. She also got her left foot cast off and her foot is back to it's normal self! YES! But she has to wear a foot brace during the day to help support and keep it there.

In occupational thearpy this week she is pretty much doing the same. Still getting good range in her arms and her hands look so much better, they aren't so tense.... they are open more. Also too Emerson is TRYING to swat at things presented to her but her muscle tone is stopping her from reaching it, so hopefully it will get better and she can began REALLY swatting at things.

Also too today Emerson smirked at us! About three different times. Also too her pupils got really small, they are back medium sized BUT they did get small so that was strange but just God's way of working I suppose!

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