Sunday, August 22, 2010

True friends are few and far between

Well this post doesn't have much to do about Emerson's progress, just kinda venting.
I think Britten and I are blessed to have had this happen to us. We are so strong and it has made our marriage even stronger. It has also brought our families closer together which I never thought would happen. I do not know many people to be able to handle this situation as hopeful as we are. God has also opened our eyes to what's important in life and who our friends and family are. It's sad though because the people I thought would be by my side and would give me a shoulder to cry on were nowhere near when I needed them most. We are not expecting ANYONE to stop their lives for us but since June 28th I am sure there was at least one hour out of your busy schedule to come vist, text, or make a phone call. Especially when a phone call or someone told you what was going on. It's been some family members as well as friends. I guess Britten and I now know who our true friends & family are and they are few and far between! But it's okay because we have each other to lean on! I hope everyone has a blessed day!

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