Saturday, August 14, 2010

God's word supersedes man.

" I don't deny what the doctors words say, I just deny that it is the final word because God's word supersedes man."

Well Thursday I wasn't at the hospital because I had to bring Joseph for his Kindergarten testing, yes kindergarten. I can't believe it either! So my mother-in-law stayed with her! Emerson got an MRI today. She went to her morning thearpies and had her MRI around one o'clock, and didn't finish until about two o'clock. Well her MRI came back and the doctors say that now her brain damage is "global". I got the call from my husband since I wasn't there. I hung up and sat there for a min and thought what could they mean global? Everywhere? In the center? I was trying my hardest to think of it meaning something else besides global because I just didn't want to hear it. Well it meant that her damage was everywhere more then they saw in the first MRI. As I sat there crying and just thinking about what Britten had just said I just stopped because all I knew was that it was more then they thought BUT everyday my daughter is improving and doing new things everyday! No matter what their "picture" said GOD's word is final and supersedes man's word! So I dried my tears got in my car and made my way back to the hospital! :) 

When I got to the hospital it was late and all the neurologists had left for the day so I had to wait until today Friday to speak with someone. So Friday is here and I had the oppurtunity to speak to a neurologist but Dr. Tilton wasn't here and wouldn't be here till September! So my choice was to speak with Dr. Wong, yeaaaa so I do not have a good first opinion of him so I passed on that option and spoke to Emerson's physical thearpist who was there Thursday when Dr. Tilton was there and explained it to her as well. 

So here is the explaination..... your brain has a billion neurons in it that send and recieve signals to the brain and nervous system. Once a neuron has a lack of oxygen for 3+ min it's gone, it doesn't regrow or heal back. Well Emerson has several dead neurons scattered globally throughout her brain BUT let's just say that each catagory has 20 neurons but only 2 were damaged in one area 6 in another and 1 in another she has those 18, or 14, or 19 neurons left in the area that could take over and do what the dead ones were doing.  

So I am taking this news and turning it into good.... just because their "picture" says what it says my baby will do more!

So on to how Emerson is progressing!

In thearpy Emerson has to be streched so when we go to Mrs. Lori the physical thearpist she trys to get Emmy to hold her head up and streches her legs, hip joints, knees, and all that. Well Emerson's left hip rotates just fine but doesn't rotate in, but it is getting better. Her right hip wasn't even allowing her leg to go up much but with working it she can now get it pass a 45 degree angle. WooHOo!!! Yeah but that's NOT it! In occupational thearpy right now they intertwine with physical so Mrs. Leslie is also trying to get Emerson to hold her head up and she can do it for 13 seconds BUT we realized that if we bounce her she can hold it for one whole minute!!!! Yea I knew weird you'd think bouncing someone they wouldn't be able to control their head and hold it up but not my goofy Emmy she is holding it up longer Mrs. Leslie got the biggest kick out of it that she had to call her supervisor and everyone in to check Emmy out! And they just laughed and the supervisor said that the vibrations from the bouncing are relaxing her muscles which is allowing her to have some control which in turn is allowing her to hold her head up! So I guess I'll count it Emmy held her head up for a whole minute!!! :)))

Holding her head up with Mrs. Leslie! :)
So another thing Mrs. Leslie gets a big kick out of is that most kids hate being streched out because it hurts them and don't get me wrong Emerson does cry sometimes when they strech her but 9 times out of 10 she loves it! Here are some of the weird positions Emmy loves!
Here is Emmy trying to track a "rain maker" I believe that's what they are called.

In speech Mrs. Verlencia introduced a "nuk" brush sprayed with chocolate flavoring. Emerson didn't know what to think about it at first but Mrs. Verlencia said she responded well to it she crinkled her forehead smacked and swallowed! Emerson also got the speaking valve put on again, she did so good but the little booger has figured out how to pop it off and when it pops it sounds like a damn firecracker! haha! So she figured that when you breath real heavy and fast your able to pop it off and I am telling you she knows because as soon as it's off that's it no heavy breathing no fast breathing. What a mess.

So like I said I don't deny what the doctors "picture" tells them and what they say to me but God's word supersedes man! And my baby is living, breathing proof! <3

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