Saturday, August 21, 2010

God is AMAZiNG... Tuesday August 17th- Saturday August 21st

Well a lot has gone on this week and thank God they have all been pretty good things nothing really bad.

Okay so first Tuesday 8/17 Emerson had a triple Evoked Potential test done and that was to see if she can hear, see, and feel. How they tell is by putting electrodes on her head and seeing if they light up when they present light, sound, and touch to her. Also too we got the P.U.S.H. for Emerson shirts in! And bubby LOVED showing them off!

On Wednesday not too much happened except that she was on her belly in occupational thearpy and loved it! Emerson is also slowly getting full range back in her arms, and what's good about her is that once she gets the range back it stays. The thearpist said that with some kids they can get to a range one session and the next they have to start over and they end up never getting anywhere but with Emerson once they get the range she doesn't loose it!

Emerson getting her 1st cast off
Thursday Emerson got her 1st set of serial casting off and this was the test to see if the serial casting was going to work....... well it did!!! Before the casting began her feet were at -35 and when the casting came off they were at -10! YAY! So the same concept applies here some kids when they do the casting once it comes off, their feet go right back into the "ballerina" position but hers didn't. So Emerson is truly making progress everyday! Since her feet responded so well to the casting she got another set put on........ this time they were pink!

She also got some new wheels. Emerson was using her stroller to get her back and forth to thearpy. She wasn't able to sit in it bc she would just slide right out. So we had her sitting indian style in it, but with the cast it was just getting more and more difficult to get her in and out so Mrs. Lori her physical thearpist decided that it would be best to get her some new wheels that would help her with sitting and allow her to be out and about more and be more comfortable. Here are her new wheels....... what ya think? Okay right. They freaked me out a little because it looks too much like a wheelchair to me. But it's okay because it is just temporary it's not forever. She will be outta that thing in no time at all!

Emerson will also be featured in Children's Hospital monthly magazine for the month of September with Mrs. Leslie for Thearpist month. So Emerson got to have a photoshoot with her, and it was quite adorable.

Emerson also kept her speaking valve on for a whole 5 minutes. Which is the longest that she has yet to have them on. BUT she broke that record on Friday when she kept the speaking valve on for the whole 30 minute session! GO EMERSON! :) Emerson is also doing more and more everyday with her little mouth! It's sooo cute. She is now making a "o" with her lips, sucking her bottom lip more, following with her tounge whatever you present to her lips (ie. ice, chapstick, or gauze pad), and smacking more. Emerson also sat straight with her knees bent and like a "big girl" as Mrs. Lori says in her stroller for over 30 minutes!

Gosh how I love reporting good things my amazingly strong baby girl is doing everyday!

Saturday Mommy and Daddy took Emmy for a stroll around the floor and visited with the nurses, doctors, and some of the patients.  Big bubby has also been begging for us to let him in sissy's crib with her so finally we did. And Emerson immediatly realaxed and Joseph was in heaven. It's one of the best sites I have seen in a while, they just melted my heart seeing them together like that. Saturday mommy & daddy also got the results of her triple evoked potential testing that was done on Tuesday..... it's not bad news but it's not great news. Emerson can see light & dark and possibly peripherally but it is delayed. Emerson can also hear and feel but it is again delayed. The doctor who read the test said that since children's brains are always growing and learning he would like to retest her in 6 months. He also said that nothing is completly knocked out so it all has the potential to come back and fully function. We'll just have to wait and see and continue to stimulate her brain. FINGERS CROSSED!

Joseph also had a couple of exciting things happen this week. He started football practice and he met his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Wilson. He is so darn excited about school! And I am glad to put some sort of routine and normalicy back in my poor babys life. I hope he has a wonderful school year full of friends, learning, and memories! Here is his name tag he begged I take a picture of (lol) and him in all his football gear! Enjoy! :)

Please continue to P.U.S.H for Emerson! :)

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