Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two years old.

First let me start off by saying that yesterday Tuesday we went to Children's for therapy and as soon as we got to PT Hilary got out the walker to see how Emmy would do.

Let's back track a little, she has been testing Emmy every week either in the stander or walker to see how Emmy would do in them to see which would benefit her more to have at the house so she can begin the ordering process since it takes about 6-8 weeks to approve and get. The last couple of weeks she has been doing ok in both no big oohhh moments.

UNTIL yesterday!!! As soon as Hilary took her out of her chair she held her under her arm pits and Emmy was standing, yes standing. She was pushing through her legs and was holding herself up of course with the help of Hilary supporting her upper body, but hey that's a HUGE step. And of course I didn't get a picture but she did it again today at her peditrican's office so I am sure this is not the end of us seeing that and I will be sure to get a picture soon.

Also too beside standing like that, when she was put in the walker she was lifting one leg at a time and stepping down. It was awesome to see! The first time she was ever put in a walker which was while we were still in the hospital she would try and lift her leg but it was as though she had bricks attached to them because she could barely lift them, and her right leg would buckle when she would stand on it and lift her left leg. But yesterday her right leg hardly ever buckled. It was supporting her so good!! I was so impressed and proud of my Emerson. I truly hope this continues.

Ok. So my big girl is already 2 years old, and today was her two year old check up along with making up of her 18 month shots. Well as I was signing us in the lady handed me the paper to fill out about how your child is progressing. As soon as I saw it my palms got sweaty and my heart started to race. And I told the lady while looking at Emerson "She really can't do what's on that paper, do I have to fill it out?" And of course the nurse told me yes and once you answer no to three questions you don't have to fill out the rest. Boy was I bummed. So with the clipboard in one hand and Emerson's chair in the other I pushed her to a spot, sat down, and took a deep breath. I read the first sentence.....1. Your child should be able to say two word sentences such as "want drink", "get down", etc. Aaannndddd my eyes filled up with tears and they just poured over the page and I could barely read the next question, that I already knew was a no but I had to tourture myself and read it. lol. So as I am wiping and sniffling I read the next question......2. point to the animals and see if your child knows the names to the not just the sound they make. Boy if Emmy made the sounds of these animals I would be extatic. But again I marked another no. And well the third question I don't even remember I just threw it at my husband and told him to circle no and put her name on the top. *sigh*

I really don't know why that got to me so much today. I mean lately I have been so strong and so excited to see all the new things she has been doing. In fact my husband and I were watching her roll to her side and try very hard to make it to her belly yesterday and I turned to him and said you know these milestones she's reaching seem so much more exciting then the first time around. I mean we were hooting and hollaring at how well she was doing, so why did that damn paper get to me? I guess because although I am so blessed and thankful that Emerson is here and doing so well, I still wish this never happened and that she was the perfect little two year old she would have been. I will eventually learn to cope with it, never will I "get over it" but I will learn to cope with it one day.

Okay so on to how the doctors appointment went. First they weighed her and she is 29lbs, then they measured her and she is 35 inches. She's gained 9lbs in 6 months. :) Then the mean 'ol nurse came in to prick her foot for her iron and lead levels. Well no lead...woohoo. lol. And her iron is awesome, in fact it's pretty high for her age but the doctor was pleased. Then the doctor checked her out. He commented on how great her feet looked, her back is perfect, her belly is fine, her lungs sound great, her g-tube site is irritated but to be expected and no infection, her arms looked great and not much pull, her hands were pretty loose except her left hand was a little more stiff then the right but like we discussed it was her "bad" hand so the extra stiffness is expected, and her ears looked but she produces a lot of wax (she gets from her dad) lol. So I am going to toot my horn here a bit because yes a lot of the therapist have helped get Emmy to where she is but it's mommy & daddy that are keeping their hard work the way it should be. :) And Dr. Kappel commented on that. Yay Emmy, Mommy, and Daddy!

So since I had such a rough time with that paper at the doctors office I posted on fb and had a few comments from friends that are going through the same thing and with taking some of their advice I am going to take a look back because Emerson has made leaps and bounds. And just for MY sake I want to list them. It's hard to see improvements when your the one around all the time. So here it goes.......

1. no more 20-30 degree curve in spine.
2. no more "ballerina feet".
3. looser hands.
4. arms move.
5. legs move.
6. legs not in "frog" position as much.
7. left arm relaxed more.
8. rolling to each side and trying to roll back to her back.
9. taking steps in her walker.
10. A LOT more head control.
11. able to sit up unassisted for about 10 seconds (before it was none at all)
12. able to actually sit. (in hospital we had no hip rotation which prevented us from sitting)
13. following lights more
14. trying to focus in or people and toys.

That truly is a lot of improving and I knew that deep down inside but I still miss my Emerson and hope and pray to get her back one day. Please don't forget to
PUSH for Emerson!

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