Friday, January 21, 2011

Busy, busy bee!

Well I have been super busy setting up the site for the blogction and posting all the donations. And I must say we are extremely blessed! From the help of family, friends, and strangers they all have exceeded my expectations on the amount of donations I would recieve. I can not thank everyone enough for all they have done so far. A big huge gigantic thanks goes out to Shauna who gave me the idea for this blogction and has helped me et up all the "behind the scenes" work. I truly could not have done this without her.

Now I am stoked about this auction, only bad thing is I have so much great stuff that I want to bid on it myself. But that wouldn't help us out at all. lol.

So I haven't just been a busy busy bee with the blog but I have been busy planning my sons 6th birthday too. I can't believe he'll be six, my big boy. He's so mature for his age but with what he's been through with his sister, it's no wonder.

Another thing that is kind of holding me back and got me a late start posting all the donations is my computer. Well you see first the dang charger was fickle. I had to wiggle nd jiggle it just the right way for it to charge and put duck tape on it to stay that way. haha. Then my computer got a virus and just went completly kaput! But thanks yet again to a great friend Carm's husband is in the works of fixing my computer. He, with lots of struggle, was final able to save all of my pictures which was my biggest concern and he had to wipe my computer clean to factory setting. No biggie I got my pictures an my computer. Hopefully he'll be done soon. I can not thank him enough! So how am I writing this blog my iPhone. I had no clue I could blog from here.

Now Emerson. She has been doing really well with rolling to her side very consistintly and can roll onto her tummy and from her side to her back but it's not quite consistant yet BUT she's almost there! Go Emmy Go! Her head control is getting better too. We've also found new wys for her to smile. I know there just smiles when stimulated but hey it's a smile and I am taking it and rejoicing! She's still doing very well with eating too. And her legs are great! She loves to push up on them and stand with assistant. But I keep trying to tell her she's not going to be able to walk unless she gets complete head control, so we shall see becase she is pretty determined to walk without that head control! Stubborn like her daddy
I mean mommy :) Emerson had another session of Hippo Therapy and did pretty well and bubby even go to ride. He enjoyed that very much since he feels left out sometimes. Mommy is getting more and more used to the wheelchair. We have gone several places in it LOUD and PROUD! ;) Emerson's vision seems to be improving more too. I spoke with a friend ad she explined CVI (Cortial Vision Impairment) like this she sees like she's looking through a peice of Swiss cheese. I love that analogy. Also as her brain gets better so will her sight because there's nothing really wrong with it it's just the brain damage causing problems.

Now Emerson is steadly trucking along with improvements but her stupid seizures keep getting in the way. I swear there pesky little boogers. They are better then before with this new medication she's been on for a month now but there not gone and they get in the way of her trying to do things. Example when she's begining to roll over shell get one and boom it's done and she has to start all over. Same goes when she's holding her head up she'll be doing that for a bit and bam a seizure comes and messes everything up. UGH! They bite. But we have a visit scheduled for Dr. Tilton her neurologist on Feb 2 and I hope we can figure something out to rid these boogers but not make her sleep all the time. It's a tough balance. But we shall pray and God will take care of it, he always has and always will.

And finally Emerson went for her first dentist visit and I was worried because bubby has not so good teeth even though he brushes twice a day. I think heiridity (sp?) has something to do with it. Anyway Dr. Shaw says Emerson has beautiful teeth and no cavities! WooHoo! She also did really well with her touching her mouth. She usually hates when someone touches her mouth. She cried a little bit but mommy was holding her and loving on her which I am sure made the difference! :) So all in all Emerson is progressing and that's all I could ever ask for! Thank you God for answering my prayers time and time again. Even though our timelines are different your timeline always ends up making sense. "Be Joyful always!"

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  1. I am so happy for you!! You are so strong through all of this, and I can't possibly imagine what you must be going through. You are truly amazing to be so strong throughout your familys hard times. Your in my prayers everyday love!