Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eventful Week.

So as you all know Emerson's blog auction is now open for viewing only. The acutally auction will begin Tuesday February 1st at 8pm central standard time and end Monday February 7th at 7pm central standard time. So go ahead and check it out at

Okay so we had a pulmonologist appointment on Monday January 24th. All went very well. In fact we are scheduled for April for possible decanualtion. Decanulation is removal of the trach. WooHoo. One less thing to worry about plus I think it's more of a bother then help for her now.

Doctor says her lungs sound wonderful and being that she hasn't gotten sick during this winter season is great news but he does want to continue to be concious and wait until April, and that's quite alright with me.

We also had Early Steps with Hiliary who is also Emerson's PT at Children's and she commented on how Emerson is helping more and more with lifting herself up! She also said that Emerson is progressing pretty steadily. Fantastic!
On Monday when we got home it was raining and our yard was muddy so I ran in with some groceries and was coming back out to help my husband with Emerson when I hear him scream for me. My heart sank because it wasn't a I dropped something can you get it help it was a scream that I screamed on that very horrible day in June. Emerson's g-tube was just dangeling. Oh my goodness, I paniced. I ran in her room and grabbed the syringe they gave me to inflate and deflate the balloon that's on the inside incase something like this happens. And they showed me how to put it back and it looked really simple, ha not on Monday it wasn't. So I deflated the baloon and tried pushing it in but everytime I would she was cry, push her legs out, and move her hands towards me a push. There was no way I was getting it in and all I could think was I am sitting here trying to put it in and it won't go and were just wasting time for the hole to close and then she'll need surgury. And I didn't want her to have surgury if it wasn't necessary so we scooped her up and off to the ER we went. We went to St. Charles since it was the closest in hopes that they knew how to put a g-tube back in. As soon as we walked in they knew who we were and the charge nurse stopped us and said "don't I know ya'll" and we said "probably, our daughter near drowned on June," and he finished our sentence "28th. I'll never forget that day. Come on back." And then he proceeds to tell us "You know I am shocked to see ya'll." so we asked why? and he said "Someone came in and told the whole hospital that Emerson was brain dead and on life support and ya'll decided to pull the plug." A little taken back I replied "Nope she's here alive and well." And he said "Yeah she looks great, I can't believe it. You know just when I want to give up on nursing someone comes in a reminds me why I do it." 
I am really glad we were able to brighten his day. We were actually able to brighten a few people's day because this was the first time back to the hospital since June and several other nurses cames in so happy to see how well Emerson was doing and gave us so many words of encougement. So anyway Dr. Giueffre was able to put Emerson's g-tube back in with no problem. 

Tuesday Emerson had thearapy at Children's and she did some treadmill work with Hiliary. Emerson was not too much of a happy camper. lol. She did well but she fussed the whole time and kept plopping her head down as if she were pouting. It's okay because we got weight through her legs and she walked about 1/10th of a mile. Works for me!! Go Emmy Go!

I couldn't be more proud of Emerson with all that she has done. And I know with God she is going to do so much more. And with the help of family, friends, and strangers were going to reach our goal and head to California in June. :) And I can't wait.

Oh but one more thing.... No pictures lately because my computer is still being fixed, Oh and now my iphone is broken. Lets just say maaaybe all electronics should be kept away from me. lol.

Anyway be sure to check out Emerson's auction site at We have so many low starting bid beautiful items. Plus we have more donations coming in daily. So continue to check it out. Bidding starting on Tuesday February 1st at 8pm Central Time. Enjoy. And thanks to all donors, bidders, family, friends, and strangers for you thoughts, prayers, love, and support.

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