Monday, January 10, 2011


Decisions. Decisions. Those are hard to make sometimes. But I finally researched and decided on what we are doing for our first fundraiser.

We will be having an auction style blog auctioning off some really great things. Like homemade baked goods, handmade items, certificates for services, gift cards, children's clothing, jewerly, art and more.

If there is anything anyone would be willing to donate please shoot me an email and let me know Whatever you are willing to donate you will be responsible for shipping the product to the highest bidder. Or if you know someone who would be willing to donate please forward my email address. Thanks in advance for all support.

Also too please join us for the auction to see all the great things we will have. The auction will be from February 6-12. Starting at 6:00pm central standard time. The blog site is I haven't listed the items quite yet as I am just getting pictures of all the items for auction. The blog will be set up completly very soon. 

Ok. On to Emerson. Since last week she hasn't had any big improvements but she is doing great on strengthening her legs. Today daddy was playing with her and she stood up on the sofa! And in the picture you can see the indention in the sofa showing how much pressure she is putting on her legs.  

Emerson is still rolling to her side unassisted and her therapists have all commented on how great her elbows are. There is no more pulling! YAY! She also still has full range in her legs! Go Emmy.

Also I am realized any boucing or moving my Emmy loves because she smiles soooo big!!! I was changing her and she was just a smiling away and I picked her up to give her to my mom and I bounced her in my arms and she was smiling even bigger! It's such an amazing feeling when I see my baby girl smile!

This month is filled with Dr's appointments and tomorrow is one of many. We go see our pulmonologist. Hopefully it'll be a good one. Also tomorrow we have therapy at Children's and we are going to put her on the treadmill to see how she does. She hasn't been on it since she was in the hospital in August.

So please continue to pray for Emerson and that we raise enough money to send her to intense therapy! Thanks to everyone for our thoughts, prayers, love and support!

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