Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sick babies

Mardi Gras holidays started for us on March 5 but on March 3 big brother Britten was sick with a sore throat and vomitting. Great! Just when I thought I was out of the clear with either of my babies getting sick this winter. Haven't we been in the hospital enough this past year. Guess the bug didn't think so. But thankfully it wasn't anything serious and didn't last long at all.

During the holidays I cleaned Emerson's ear and made it bleed and it had been bleeding for about three days then on Saturday she was breathing really funny and was very larthergic. So I decided to bring her to the ER on Sunday. She was tested for flu, RSV, and phenomona but has none. Only a cold and a double ear infection. But apparently I also hit her ear drum and that's what caused the bleeding but the dr didn't seem to concerned about it. So she is on antibotics and hopefully this funk will pass soon.

This week I have been on a pretty emotional rollercoaster. I just feel so helpless. Am I choosing the right therapies for Emerson, am I doing them quick enough, are we doing too much, which one should we do next. It's just so much to think and worry about. I worry if the possible decanulation will happen or will she have her trach forever. I worry about test and dr appointments coming up because I am tired of hearing negitative things. I guess I am just a worry wart. On top of all that our home situation isn't getting any better. Living with my parents and trying to keep our routine and displine in tact was difficult before the accident but since the accident and all the "stuff" Emerson needs and has accumilated is tougher. My mom's house is only so big and it's getting smaller by the minute. Hopefully we'll get our own house soon so my kids will have room to play, sleep, and Emmy will have room for therapy. Until then we will continue working with what we have. Prayers that this situation gets better soon!

Right now we are sitting outside enjoying this beautiful weather! It's not too cold and not too hot. I love it. The time change has thrown me off a lot but today I am so glad it happened because Emmy is able to spend some time outside while the weather is just perfect for her. Daddy and bubby are playing basketball while mommy and Emmy are on a blanket playing. Life can't get much better then this! We are so blessed. My goal is to not worry about consume myself with all Emerson needs and just take it day by day and enjoy life.


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