Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Finally, things have started to slow down. This past Saturday Dwan put together a Jambalaya Fundraiser for Emerson and the turn out was phenomenal. We raised $1800 not including what was raised from the vendors. So it was a great turn out. Thanks to everyone that helped put it together and all that attended!

Emerson has been doing well in therapy she has been responding more to us too. The other day when I got back from playing Bonco with a bunch of girlfriends I was super excited because I won most wins and was talking to Emmy about it and she turned to me and smirked! It was so nice to see. She has been smiling a lot but always with stimulation this time no stimulation needed just happy talking! Then today at therapy her old speech therapist saw her and was talking to her and again Emmy turned to her and smiled! Mrs. Verlencia was super excited, as was I.

As far as therapy goes she's doing well. When Emmy is in her  "walker" she usually has the head rest and uses it as a crutch and leaves her head rested on it for most of the time but last week Hilary decided to take the head rest off to see how she would do, and she did better realized that she didn't have the head rest to lay her head on and held her head up almost the whole time! So this week we did the same, no head rest and she did great again! Another thing when Emmy walks and her tone kicks in both of her legs usually come up, well Emerson has learned to seperate her legs from her upper body which allows her to have tone but only through her arms and it doesn't effect her legs. So basicallly she doesn't pull both of those legs up at the same time anymore! Yay! It just shows that she's able to control her body more. So with the walking Emerson is doing so good she does great with lifting and putting down her left leg. Her right leg she can lift but sometimes needs help putting it down but it's okay she'll get it.

Emerson's speech therapist has come back, she was out for about two weeks sick. Well since she has come Emerson has been a lot more vocal. Also today we heard the "wa" sound. It's a new sound for us. It was good to hear but when we heard it we had to take a double look. It's really exciting hearing and seeing the changes in Emmy!

Early Steps coordinator came for a visit end of last week and discussed Emerson starting school. Threw me off just a bit. I had so many different feelings going. I am excited, nervous, scared, and sad. I know it's for the best for her to go to school but Im scared something will happen and she won't be able to tell mommy if someone hurt her feelings or her. Im nevous for her to ride the bus, so I think I'll just bring and pick her up for now. And sad because she's growing up and really ready for school. Excited because she'll get that interaction with other boys and girls her age. So anyway that's just the few of my feelings. I know deep down she'll be fine it's just me having to get over all of my fears. And I will. So with that meeting we also discussed increasing the frequency of PT, OT, and Speech. Well I got a phone call today and it's a go! Emerson will now be getting two days a week for one hour of PT, OT, and Speech! Yes. Just what she needs. I am super excited and can't wait until it comes into affect.

If you remember Emmy had her levels drawn about a week ago to see if her seizure medicine can be increased. Well I spoke with Dr. Tilton today and she said that her levels show that we can increase her trilptal or keppra well we decided that we would increase her trilptal. So fingers crossed that this increase will STOP her seizures! Also the blood work showed that her thyroid is low so she'll be sending that information to an endocrinologist to see if it's something that needs to be done about it. Until we hear from the endocrinologist.

Right now our lives feel content. I enjoy seeing all the changes in Emerson, I know I have a hard time sometimes but from day 1 until now Emerson has made some really big gains and I can not be more grateful and blessed. God always has a plan and his own timeline even though we may not see it right away. And I still don't quite see it all the time but I know in my heart he is working on my precious Emerson one small day at a time and healing her! And hopefully this slower paced life stays around for a few months. Content!

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