Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Sign.

Today was a good day. Emerson had therapy at Children's and did pretty well. She still isn't feeling 100% but she's much much better.

Yesterday we decided to take a trip to see her pediatrician about her ear infection as it was getting worse and still draining and Emerson was in a lot of pain. He decided to put her on some ear drops and changed her antibiotics that the ER gave us. He said she has a draining ear infection and possibly a popped ear drum. He said he couldn't see too well with all the drainage and when he tried to clean the drainage Emerson pushed his hand with her fist and cried and cried and cried so he decided not to mess with it. So we have an appointment to see him next Wednesday to check the progress of the infection and for bubby's 6 year old check up. But just from two doses of antibiotics and drops the swelling has gone down, no more fever, not as much pain, and drainage has decreased immensely. Thank goodness because she was in so much pain.

So Emerson had therapy at Children's and in PT she was put in her walker and did pretty well. Her head control was pretty good while in the walker and she took a few steps but you could tell she just wasn't into therapy too much today. That's okay because I know she wasn't feeling good. In OT they pretty much just stretched her. She did a little tummy time but she wasn't digging that at all.

While at Children's God kept putting this women in front of me to meet. A few months ago a friend of mine told me about a little girl that suffered an anoxic brain injury but just got it a different way and asked if it would be okay to give her my information once she was ready to talk. And of course I said yes and decided to find her on facebook and started to follow what was going on with her daughter from there waiting for her to contact me. She never did, and I understand she's going through a lot. I knew the little girl was at Children's but had never really seen her, or so I thought. I had seen her but no one said her name so I never knew if it was her. Well today while we were leaving PT she was coming and Lori one of Emerson's old physical therapist said the little girls name. I turned to my husband and said "that's the little girl I was telling you about. I want to talk to her mom so bad, but I don't know what to say." So I shrugged it off and went to OT so we wouldn't be late. While there this little girl came up again and Leslie Emerson's old occupational therapist said she was coming there because she had her next. I got all anxious again because usually that doesn't happen to where our schedules would match up, so I took it as a sign from God that I HAD to meet her. So as I was walking down the hall to leave as freaked out and decided I didn't know what to say. So I asked one of the secretary's I am close with to introduce us. I introduced myself and Emmy and told her what happened and told her I knew about her and her daughter but she didn't know about me. We began talking and finding out how her daughter is doing and how Emerson is doing now. It was so very nice to meet her and her daughter. She reminded me so much of Emerson when she was in the hospital and her mom of me. Feeling so helpless and not knowing what the future holds. I am still helpless and don't know what the future holds but I am at a point to where I am getting used to our new life. I can't thank God enough for making us meet TWICE. We talked for about an hour but could have talked forever. We cried about the future, talked about the nows, talked about the future, and smiled about our blessings. I knew how she felt and she knows what I went through. It's so unfortunate why we are meeting but like I said it's nice meeting someone that knows what you are going through. We are very similar.  Her daughter is about 20 months now but was 17 months when her accident happened and Emerson was 18 months when her accident happened. She has an older son as do we and her father is from Cuba and my mother is from Cuba. I just found it quite interesting how much we had in common. I have a feeling were going to be good friends, I sure hope we do. Again thank you God so much for bringing us together.

On our way home Emerson bit her finger AGAIN. And out came the tears. I hate that I am so happy about her crying but I really am so ecstatic when she crys and feels immediate pain. So I pulled out my phone and took a picture of my beautiful crying baby.

See the tear running down her face and the tears just leaving her eyes. lol. It took us forever to see tears and I couldn't be more happy to see them! I do wish however she would STOP biting herself. I never catch her doing it so I don't know if it's on purpose or if she puts her hand in there and thinks it's her chewy or something. I don't know. Like I said I just wish she'd stop.

Another thing we have noticed about Emerson is that with her muscle tone she is able to control it. What I mean is she usually has muscle tone and her hands draw up and so do her feet into a frog position. But for the past few weeks if she gets tone in her hands it doesn't happen to her legs. Go Emmy! That's just showing that her brain is working. Also too she has been able to put her hands at a relaxed position for much longer. She has also been batting a little at her toys when she's on her play mat. I'll have to get a video of it and post it. Before she was just push her hand through the toy every 30 minutes or so and we never really knew if it was voluntary or not. We secertly always hoped it was but never knew for sure since it was so inconsistent. But again for the past few weeks she has been straighting her hand to push the toy and she does that about every 2-3 minutes and twice. Twice I mean she pushes it forward then back takes a break and about 2-3 minutes later straightens her hand again and pushes it forward then back. It's such a wonderful thing to see. Also she is tolerating stimulation in and on her mouth and face. She doesn't get as frustrated with it. She still isn't a complete happy camper when I brush her teeth but she's so much better I can actually get through a brushes without her fist on my arm and her mouth clenched down on the toothbrush and me struggling to get it out. lol.She is also following light so much better and quicker, it's not as delayed. So overall in the past month Emerson has made some nice gains. Thank you God! I truly have to give him all the credit. The therapist and doctors have helped but this is all God's miracle. I still wish it would be quicker but my patience is getting better. I am learning to just accept what is, let go and let God. And so far it is working wonders. I couldn't be more happier with Emerson's progress and our life right now (except for our own house, lol.) The pictures below are showing how relaxed she has been lately. In the first picture she wasn't sleeping I caught her closing her eyes when I snapped the picture. But this is just awesome because she usually has her hands up to her chest.

Alright, heading to bed because I have a lot of cleaning to do tomorrow while I have the time. Thanks to everyone who keeps up with Emerson's progress. We couldn't be more blessed and thankful for everyone's thoughts and prayers and Emerson's progress thus far and I can't wait to see the rest of God's work in my daughter!

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