Thursday, February 23, 2012

All Napa!

So I haven't written about Emerson's progress in Napa nor all the changes that have happened this year, it's just been a very hectic year full of many changes. So here it goes.

Napa Center was phenomonal! It was a costly trip which is what we expected but we weren't totally prepared for what came. First of all I'd like to thank Dwan Pitre, Southern Sportsmans Social Club, and all the people who donated on Emerson's behalf because of you all this trip was possible! Our family can not thank you enough!

This was not only Emerson's first plane ride but it was also big brother's. And NOT to my surprise she was quite miserable the entire flight. I brought all the proper preparations in hope it would calm her. I brought some ear plugs, nunnie, blanket, and pillow. And even decided to take her car seat hoping it would make for a more comfortable flight. 
Waiting to board the plane :)


So when we arrived at Napa they began with seeing what Emerson could do and some streches.

Quickly they began to get a feel for Emerson and started her right away with the neuro-suit. She didn't seem to mind it at all. Taken from Napa Center's website this is exactly what the neuro suit is and does. The NeuroSuit, actually frames the body providing support and resistance simultaneously. It improves and changes proprioception (pressure from the joints, ligaments, muscles), reduce a patient’s undesired reflexes, facilitates proper movement and provides additional weight bearing distributed strategically throughout the body. This additional weight bearing provides strong feedback to the brain which helps create new improved patterns of movement such as when walking while the body is maintaining a more upright, correct posture. This neuro suit was only the begining of what Emerson endured her three weeks there. Emerson also did different excercises in the spider cage as well as streches. She also did a few different techniques that the therapsit learned in Venezuela. Emerson's improvement while at Napa was fair. She was definitly more alert, was able to control her tone better, able to sit while holding her at her waist instead of previously at her shoulders.

 While we were there we also were able to try hyperbarics. Hyperbarics is where Emerson was breathing oxygen at a higher level then atmosphere while in an enclosed chamber. The pressurized oxygen allows her to breath and her body to recieve 10-15 times more then normal oxygen. From the 2 1-hour sessions we tried we notcied a difference in Emerson. She was so much more alert, focusing more, and even giggled for the first time.

Above are the two different techniques that the therapists learned from Venezuela. The first one is forcing Emerson to use gravity to pull her self up to midline. The second one is allowing her instinct to take play and pull her legs into crawling position. Not so great in either, the first time around below are videos of her doing them both again at the end of the three weeks. See a difference?

Here are some more pictures of all the things Emerson did.

All in all our trip was very successful! Emerson made some great progress and we even tried hyperbarcs. While there we were also able to see Dr. Hadayat who is a seizure specailist. He ordered blood work for her and examined her head to toe. One of the things he said about her was that her soul was detached from her body and she was still in a state of shock from her accident. Also that she has the stress level of one in Iraq. Here is what I pulled straight from the findings overview I recieved from Dr. Hadayat.

Patient remains in a state of shock from the drowning; Emerson’s learning potential is blocked for a Number of reasons: insufficient dopamine and central norepinephrine activity, and poor access to her memory to build upon when learning new things; most of this is due to the stress of the drowning and the over--‐stimulation of the adrenal gland; Emerson seems to be lost in her own mind and not emotionally engaged with her environment. Recommend exposure to small groups of relatives and compassionate friends; Recommend prayers and spiritual work as well; Recommend speaking to Emerson directly and telling her how much you love her and want her to stay, that the drowning is over and things will get better.
Refractory seizure state arises from an over--‐stimulated adrenal gland with elevated ACTH and strong parasympathetic activity; typical secondary factors are less pronounced (mitochondrial strain— present but minor), rather there is a profound ischemic tendency, which may cause acute periods of metabolic insufficiency leading to seizures throughout the day. Benefit of hyperbaric oxygen will be primarily to improve circulation, though it should also improve the redox insufficiency.
2.5 year old female with strong seizure terrain from over--‐stimulation of adrenals, over--‐activity

Parasympathetic activity, and areas of ischemia. Patient appears to be in a state of shock from her drowning and may not have fully re--‐integrated with her body; There is a blockage of normal mental development.
OTHER (Supplements,Diet) Hyperbaric oxygen, 1.3 ATM, 1--‐2\ times per day for 40 days, then repeat every 4 weeks

We truly are honored to have been able to even see this specialist being that he only visits Napa Center monthly and we happened to be there and get an appointment. He put Emerson on some tinsures, suppositorys, herbs, and other various things. We have seen a great deal of decreased seizure activity and couldn't be more gratful of Dr. Hadayat!

So three weeks came and went really fast. Not only did Emerson make some great gains but we met a GREAT group of people that we will never forget!


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