Thursday, September 16, 2010

I believe God!

So I said in the previous post that I would post pictures of her mic-key button so here it is. ------>

Okay so on Monday Emerson was completly dropped off of her zantac which was used to prevent her from getting ulcers in her stomach. She was also dropped to 2x's a day dose of her propanolol which is used to control her blood pressure, she was also dropped to 1.2 mg of vallium and she was at 2.0 mg. Yay!
In speech Emerson was still swallowing well and pushing the big stop light button when asked to. In physical thearpy she's holding up her head really well with no support whatsoever! So can bring it from the front to the center but not quite yet from back to the center, but she sure is trying! :) In occupational since she is doing so well in speech with the button Leslie decided to try getting her to push this globe looking ball, knocking down a rain maker, and pushing this turny thing when asked, and she did. So overall Monday was a terrific day! 

So Tuesday Emerson began another thearpy, music. She did really well in it and loves to hear singing and music. Emerson really enjoying trying to move her heavy feet with the bells on them! :)
Wednesday I finally got the EEG results and it shows that she has seizures. It is a bummer to hear but at least they only last for one to two seconds, yes seconds and only her eyes flutter up and down. She is on some medicine called neurotin to help control them. She can grow out of these seizures which is what I am praying for!

Thursday Emerson went on her first outting outside the hospital! It was big for her and I. I was a nervous wreck, but it all went very smooth and she loved it! As soon as we walked in and she heard/saw the waterfall and the BIG HUGE shark thing above her, her eyes got big and she moved BOTH her arms rapidly! It was quite a site to see! :) She also loved the peguins! Here are a few pictures of the outing, didn't get any really good ones nor much of her or me, my mom, and the two hospital workers who came with us only because I was such a wreck making sure she was ok. Next outting I PROMISE i'll get plenty more pictures. :)

Also too Emerson got her first sip of apple juice today and did phenomenal! No aspirating, no coughing and had a nice seal around her cup! :) GEAUX EMMY! 

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  1. I am so happy for you guys and I am soooo happy to hear her progess! I love it! GOD is GREAT!